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TFW Qabila

Last weekend was so powerful I can’t stop thinking about it. From the Master Class to the Coaching Greatness and Superhero Deadlift Party, I celebrated the 6th year anniversary way better than I could have imagined.

Martin Rooney made it a powerful weekend and everyone keeps talking about it and thanking me and my team for the great times.

I keep looking at the photos and remembering when I first started TFW and how much it has grown. I realized it’s the belief that impacted everyone and how it grew to help more and more people form a family.

At TFW we call it Familia (which in Latin means family) but after meeting the TFW Familia from all over the world at the 2018 and 2019 Summits and learning from everyone, I found something interesting...

The family codes and traditions of TFW are unique in such a way that it connects people from different backgrounds to the community passionately and consistently which makes it a Qabila (tribe in Arabic)

Qabila is a special community of families sharing principles and excitement for each other.

Joining TFW will help everyone and anyone get stronger physically by enjoying regular training but you also become grateful because it teaches you to appreciate what you have. You keep developing yourself and supporting everyone around you and inturn they support you during your journey

Looking back there is no doubt that I myself have become stronger physically; this does not surprise me. The workouts work and have worked for me and everyone that grew with me. I never thought that TFW would have a huge impact on the social aspect of my life which helped me grow, physically and emotionally.

One of the strongest values I learned from the course is sharing. And if you share good with others, good will return to you.

If you want to take yourself to the next level you have to join TFW and be a student of the Familia and a proud warrior of the Qabila called TFW.

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