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Body Weight Terrible Challenge

Are you strong at your body weight? try this challenge

Now if you are doing more than about 6 reps, you are working cardio. Since fat loss and muscle gain are probably two of the most common desires of anyone in the gym, here is a cardio challenge that will jack up both arms and your heart.

Choose your weight for sets and set the barbell with your current weight. You first hit the bench for as many reps as possible. Rest for 30 seconds then hit chin-ups, dips and deadlift and record your total number of reps.

This is a Strength Speciality Circuit so you can repeat for 1 or 2 sets. Not only you will hit all the big muscles, you will get a great workout done in less time.

My weight in the video is 80 KG and tried to get 100 reps but I guess I need more practice. Check out the video

After a hard set of this, beware: the energy and noise of the set will make people around you nervous.

Try it out and don't call 911 after what is called exercise


Coach Abdullah

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